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Safe Rooms

Keep Your Family Safe
From Severe Weather

Here in Middle Tennessee, we live in a tornado zone. Also, there is very little soil between us and the bedrock, therefore few homes are constructed with basements. Our custom concrete safe rooms will weather the storm, keeping you and yours safe inside.

The figure shown here (from Quad-Lock) is a great illustration of safe-room design: insulated concrete walls and roof, anchored to footings under the floor slab, with a heavy-duty steel door. This happens to show a bathroom that doubles as a safe room, but other rooms could be adapted as well: laundry, closet, pantry, office, or even a small bedroom. Of course you could always build one in a dedicated space in the garage. FEMA guidelines prescribe the materials and reinforcement necessary to provide adequate protection. 

Give us a call at 615-898-9115 to discuss putting a safe room in your home. 

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