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General Contractor

Long-Term Relationships,
Transparent Budgeting

Whether it's a new build or a remodeling project, we will work with you to develop a budget with no hidden fees or charges. We believe in building strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers and subcontractors, and honesty is the foundation of those relationships.

After you call, here is the basic process:

  • We'll meet with you to discuss your project and give you our first impressions. We'll let you know what to look for right away: Building in Franklin? The permit fees tend to be higher there. Are you out in the country where there's no city sewer service? Let's figure out the septic situation first. We will help you keep the surprises to a minimum.

  • Next, we will work with you to put together the building costs. If something on your wish list ends up being too expensive, we will work with you to come up with alternatives. 

  • Once the design and the costs are settled, we'll start building. We'll hold regular meetings with you as often as you want to keep you updated on the progress. 

  • At the end of the project, we'll turn over to you a building you will be proud to own for years or decades to come.

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